Ten New U.S. Cities Join the City Energy Project to Cut Climate Pollution from Buildings: Announcing the Expansion of the City Energy Project

Robert Redford Announced $10M Funding Increase to the City Energy Project: Read Director Melissa Wright’s blog and Cliff Majersik’s statement on the project’s new round of funding

City Energy Project Launch – Read the National Press Release

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+ Energy Reporting Ordinance Passes Kansas City Council, KCUR 89.3 FM, June 5, 2015

+ Kansas City Passes Ordinance to Reduce Energy Bills by Nearly $400 Million and Generate More Than 1,000 Jobs by 2030, IMT and NRDC press release, June 5, 2015

+ Kansas City Approves Requiring Owners of Large Buildings to Report Energy Consumption, The Kansas City Star, June 4, 2015

+ City Council Approves Energy Empowerment Ordinance, Kansas City Energy Project, June 4, 2015

+ Data and Transparency are Key to Atlanta’s Push for Building Efficiency Gains, The Energy Fix, June 3, 2015

+ Southeastern Cities Take Charge to Embrace Energy Efficiency, Save Money, and Create Jobs, NRDC Switchboard, June 2, 2015

+ Atlanta Phases in New Energy Policy, NBC 11 Atlanta, May 25, 2015

+ KC Council Panel Supports Large-Building Energy Audits, The Kansas City Star, May 13, 2015

+ Atlanta: Gateway to the South for Energy Efficiency, Bloomberg Philanthropies, May 7, 2015

+ Atlanta Aims to Reduce Big Buildings’ Energy Use, 90.1 WABE, April 29, 2015

+ More Energy Efficient Buildings Could Help Renters in Kansas City, The Kansas City Star, April 28, 2015

+ Atlanta City Council Approves Sustainability Measure, Atlanta Business Chronicle, April 21, 2015

+ Benchmarking the Energy Use of Kansas City Buildings Makes Sense, The Kansas City Star, April 21, 2015

+ City of Atlanta Adopts Progressive Energy policy to Tackle Commercial Energy Use, City of Atlanta press release, April 21, 2015

+ Atlanta Ordinance to Help Reduce Commercial Building Energy Use 20 Percent by 2030, Create Thousands of Jobs, IMT and NRDC press release, April 21, 2015

+ Los Angeles’ Sustainable City pLAn Unveils Ambitious Goals to Improve Energy Efficiency in Buildings, NRDC Switchboard, April 8, 2015

+ Mayor Eric Garcetti Outlines Plan to Make Los Angeles More Sustainable, WABC7, April 8, 2015

+ Electric Cars, Clean Air: Garcetti Outlines Vision for a “Sustainable” L.A., Los Angeles Times, April 8, 2015

+ Op-Ed: Grow Los Angeles’ Economy — and Your Bottom Line — by Creating a More Sustainable LA, C-Suite Quarterly, Spring 2015

Salt Lake City Earns #5 EPA Ranking of Building Energy Efficiency,, March 29, 2015

+  City Energy Project Cities’ Buildings Make ENERGY STAR Top 10, Switchboard, March 26, 2015

+ Nemours, Orlando Companies Praise Sustainability at Summit, Orlando Sentinel, March 26, 2015

+ Efficiency and Green Building Thriving in the Capital of Desert, U.S. Green Building Council, March 19, 2015

+ Salt Lake City Accelerates Energy Efficiency in City Facilities, Energy Manager Today, February 5, 2015

+ Salt Lake City Mayor Orders Energy Efficiency, FierceEnergy, February 4, 2015

+ SLC Mayor Aims Executive Order at Adding City Energy Efficiency, KUER 90.1 NPR Utah, February 3, 2015

+ Mayor Becker Issues Executive Order to Increase Energy Efficiency at City Facilities,, February 3, 2015

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+  Energy Efficient Buildings Could Save Chicago $77 M, Energy Manager Today, December 29, 2014

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+  First Year of Building Benchmarking Reveals Huge Benefits for Chicago, Fierce Energy, December 19, 2014

+  Cities Leading on Climate Action: Low Carbon/High Impact Policies Prove Profitable, E2 national webinar, recorded October 22, 2014 and now available on demand.

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+ Spotlight on Denver: New Project Launches to Unlock Energy Savings, Switchboard, November 4, 2014

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Major Cities Unite to Cut Building Pollution, Buildings, February 13, 2014

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Invest in energy efficiency in KC, The Kansas City Star, February 3, 2014

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Chicago on its way to becoming more energy efficient, Chicago Sun-Times, Jan 29, 2014

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